Monday, 3 July 2017


And then i realised where i was going and that no itching could stop me and then a sweet breeze subtle and kinder than any i had felt before kissed my cheek. And i remembered a wise friend saying when you figure it out the weather will meet you. And i knew it came in waves. That i had to wait and bide my time. Work with the paths and grooves and surges of the layers of energy of being. Hormonal energy, weather energy, sociopolitical energy. The energy of my meal. Of my madness, my idiosyncrasy. My habits. My illness. My age. My sexual peak. The tides and timings of the material world. The high water marks. And then i realised i needed a poo.

Monday, 29 May 2017

I worked in a whole food shop and collected buzzwords on receipts... plus peppering's of my alienation and bitterness

Home made
Post Colonial
Energy weelding
Fair trade
Butter wouldnt melt
Sudo Local
Linda McCarthy
GM Bo Ho
We’re all gonna die
L G B L T +



i said she
and then i thought, fuck, i don’t know what gender they identify as.
and then i thought, you were talking about yourself, so what are you?
and then i thought, who are YOU who is saying what are you?
and then i though well you/i must be a we/they plural because there seems to be some disagreement here.
and THEN i thought but i don’t want to be them/they cause its all us and them.
and then i thought about queering that Black Flag song my war (I’m one of them)

Yes, i am a packet of horse grade peanuts, and i need to take a break from identity politics for a bit.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Safe Sapce Agreement of Hydra Books

Safe spaces is about our continual responsibility towards better more informed and accountable solidarity, safety and equality. Questioning our learned behaviors in the spirit of mutual respect and generosity. Its an ongoing team effort, working on political, social and personal level. Because we don’t want to reproduce the inequalities of society.

Everyone deserves to feel able to contribute to whatever extent they like, feel comfortable, and know they’re respected and valued. A safe space is place where people are protected from abuse or upset. Discrimination is unacceptable and will be challenged. This includes, but is not limited to: racism, ageism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, sexism or ableism. It ought to go without saying that assaults, drug and alcohol abuse will never be tolerated.

Prejudice based on class, gender identity, gender presentation, language, ethnicity, nationality, asylum status, activist experience or religious affiliation will not be tolerated, but  it would be inappropriate to pretend that it won’t or doesn’t ever happen. We encourage everyone to be aware of the privileges they might convey. And expect everyone to be ready to have this challenged. To not be defensive and to be accountable in the confrontation of blind spots with the knowledge that our freedom is all tied together. A person whom has had a boundary breach can expect to be believed and there upset taken seriously, and that they’re always the one that gets our attention primarily in any situation.

Safe space is less a finished document and more an ongoing conversation between everyone who uses Hydra Books. If you want to contribute to this document or conversation, or feel anything has been omitted, let us know. Language, because it comes from an individual, can never be entirely inclusive. The document then, is not the agreement itself but an attempt at understanding what the agreement is.

What happens if someone says/does something offensive?

Often, when someone says something prejudice, they realises as the oppressive mush falls out there face. 

But in the odd occasion that the behavior need asserting for whatever reason, we promise to consult with the person whose upset and assist them in taking what they feel is appropriate action. Everyone can expect to be heard, though you are not the priority if your actions or words are the problematic ones. We recognise intersecting privileges and prejudices of the world we live generate a multitude of complicated problems and solutions. Remember, if it gets too much, you can leave the discussion at any time.

Our responses and support of a conflict of the agreement will vary according to context and severity. They may include:
• Being “called out”. Anyone has the right to question someone else’s words or actions if they are problematic or offensive. We hope the “calling out” will be done in the spirit of constructive criticism.
  • A one-to-one conversation. Enabling a more in depth, constructive, discussion of the problem. 
  • In the spirit of not having to speak on behalf of a whole gender, sex, class or racial group, which is exhausting, further resources (online/books/zines) might be offered to provide an explanation of why something is problematic.
  • Being asked to leave the space. This is not forever, but on a specific occasion we may ask you to leave. Sometimes, a situation arises which is hard to deal with straight away. Things might look better after a nap or a bit of thinking time.
  • Being banned from the bookshop. This is rather unlikely, but if an individual continually compromises the safety of others, dominating the space, they may be asked not to come back. 

When we say we, we recognise this is actually a group of autonomous individuals with different emotional capacities, blind spots, experiences of oppression and understandings of there own safety. Being as we are not a company, we don’t, nor could not and would want to, make anyone enforce this code because we respect that individuality. This means that the responses in a given situation may vary. (Just cause one person is happy to accept or chat about your/someone else's behavior or attitude doesn't mean that another ought,) but we will always try to find the right person for the situation.

If there is anything you don’t understand here please ask.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

May Day

This Colouring book is made for: Everyone alienated by the complicity/constant presence of white women in colonisation and the state. Billboards and buses. Nice teeth. Ovulating. “Unexpected item in the bagging area” she says in the supermarket, and in the station “If you see anything suspicious please report it to...” Also, for the people who in general have been feminised through labour. Anyone working in service expected to smile. Good customer service is not a human right. And, those who can't work, are looking for work or who do the work she wont. Those whose identity/body doesn’t pass the cis - het - able performance of faking orgasms, generating capital, selling yoghurt and erasing nuance. Plus, those denied the knowledge their (mental) health issues are related to the consequences of materialism. Not your shit CV, trauma, addictive behavior, mediocrity, shame, the ever growing tufts of hair. Nor cause you say bAth not baaaath. 

X X  X      H A P P Y  M A Y  D A Y  2 0 1 7      X  X X

Ps This is not for M ANarchists who refuse the inherent link between feminism/labour/capital cause of their misogyny. (Its in the communist manifesto you twat.) And those othered by, but similar to him who blame immigrants when femmes took the jobs. Duh. Remember, when she was first carried over the threshold it’s cause she was forced.

Fully femmenated, waxed, chlorinated (white), luxury communism isn’t a thing. 



Monday, 27 March 2017

The Imps of Spring

I call them The Imps. They are together. They want fun. They’ve been to the supermarket. They have no gender. They don’t notice they're white.

They live in a vacuum. Brexit/Trump is not a context. Cynicism doesn't exist. They don't like structuralism, post-structuralism or fancy french words and paradoxes. They're oblivious to faux pas of certainty. Existing like a 10p bag, suffering failure but always surviving. I forgive them for naivety.

The series uses clown principles to peruse optimism, politics and self care. The first painting The Imps of Spring was exhibited at The Castle Open, Nottingham 2015, Its re-incarnation Teeth and Other Non-Green Things at SOTD’s Interim Show at Assembly House, Leeds 2016, The Third was show at SOTD's Absolute 100% Genuine Certified Degree Show Part 1 (SET, London) and Part 2 (The Royal Standard, Liverpool) 2017

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Class War

How can someone who din’t try an avocado till they were 21, raised in a council house, a parent that had an ASBO, working for the minimum wage -and welfare- be described as middle class?

How can someone with a degree, an artist studio and has men that cook for them not be described as middle class?