Wednesday, 3 May 2017

May Day

This Colouring book is made for: Everyone alienated by the complicity/constant presence of white women in colonisation and the state. Billboards and buses. Nice teeth. Ovulating. “Unexpected item in the bagging area” she says in the supermarket, and in the station “If you see anything suspicious please report it to...” Also, for the people who in general have been feminised through labour. Anyone working in service expected to smile. Good customer service is not a human right. And, those who can't work, are looking for work or who do the work she wont. Those whose identity/body doesn’t pass the cis - het - able performance of faking orgasms, generating capital, selling yoghurt and erasing nuance. Plus, those denied the knowledge their (mental) health issues are related to the consequences of materialism. Not your shit CV, trauma, addictive behavior, mediocrity, shame, the ever growing tufts of hair. Nor cause you say bAth not baaaath. 

X X  X      H A P P Y  M A Y  D A Y  2 0 1 7      X  X X

Ps This is not for M ANarchists who refuse the inherent link between feminism/labour/capital cause of their misogyny. (Its in the communist manifesto you twat.) And those othered by, but similar to him who blame immigrants when femmes took the jobs. Duh. Remember, when she was first carried over the threshold it’s cause she was forced.

Fully femmenated, waxed, chlorinated (white), luxury communism isn’t a thing. 



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