Monday, 27 March 2017

The Imps of Spring

I call them The Imps. They are together. They want fun. They’ve been to the supermarket. They have no gender. They don’t notice they're white.

They live in a vacuum. Brexit/Trump is not a context. Cynicism doesn't exist. They don't like structuralism, post-structuralism or fancy french words and paradoxes. They're oblivious to faux pas of certainty. Existing like a 10p bag, suffering failure but always surviving. I forgive them for naivety.

The series uses clown principles to peruse optimism, politics and self care. The first painting The Imps of Spring was exhibited at The Castle Open, Nottingham 2015, Its re-incarnation Teeth and Other Non-Green Things at SOTD’s Interim Show at Assembly House, Leeds 2016, The Third was show at SOTD's Absolute 100% Genuine Certified Degree Show Part 1 (SET, London) and Part 2 (The Royal Standard, Liverpool) 2017

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